Holistic Esthetician

Rhiannon Walters

About Holistic Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It serves to protect the inner layers of your body, detoxify wastes and produce vitamin d. It allows you to interact with your surroundings though feelings of pain, sensation, temperature and pressure.

Skin problems serve as indicators on deeper issues within the body. These imbalances can be corrected through a combination of internal and external therapies. Our holistic, rather than purely symptomatic approach, leads to greater overall health as well as more beautiful skin.

Stress is the root cause of a myriad of health conditions. The effect of touch on the nervous system is immediate and relaxing. It can lower blood pressure, release natural painkillers and increase neurotransmitters necessary for mental functioning. Our holistic skincare treatments provide deep relaxation while utilizing natural products to promote healthy wellbeing.

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