Infrared Sauna

Get a healthy Glow in our Infrared Sauna. Enjoy better skin, increased circulation, less Infrared Sauna Seattlepain and burn up to 700 calories a session. Did we mention it’s relaxing?

You will enjoy a private room equipped with relaxation area, blue tooth speaker, water, and an immune boosting herbal shot. Use the reflexology chart and tools to deepen your relaxation. Meditate or read from our library while you take the Seattle chill out of your bones. Towels and robes provided.

Infrared Sauna FAQ’s

Benefits of Infrared Saunas


Rates 30 min. $20

Package of 3 $45 ($15 per session)


SAUNA SCHEDULE: Online scheduling available after initial setup.

Monday 9-12:30/ evening after 8PM

Wednesday 9-1/evening after 8PM

Thursday 9-1/evening after 8PM

Friday 9-7PM

Saturday 9-2PM

Sunday 9-4PM

Salt lamps and Budda in our Infrared Sauna room



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