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Therapeutic massage $75 (60 min.) $105 (90 min.)

Work with our skilled massage therapists to tailor this treatment to your needs. From full body to area-specific treatments, from deep pressure to light, we work with you to achieve the desired results.

Hot Stone Massage $105 (60 min.) $135 (90 min.)

This is a variation of classic massage. Smooth stones, usually basalt, are heated to a therapeutic temperature and then placed on pressure points of the body. The increased heat allows for increased circulation and aids in calming the nervous system. Relax and reconnect.

Organic Spa massage $85 (60 min.) $115 (90 min.)

Our premium massage treatment using organic massage and essential oils. Enjoy a hand and foot massage along with a full body massage to ease body tension and de-stress.

Abdominal Massage $80 (60 min.) $110 (90 min.)

This massage treatment is great for improving digestion, easing menstrual irregularities, post-partum care and moving energy in your belly. Includes Castor Oil treatment, abdominal massage, and head, or hand and foot massage.

Mommy-to-be Massage $80 (60 min.) $110 (90 min.)

This massage is perfect in any stage of pregnancy. Eases sore back and hips, reduces discomfort caused by swelling and improves circulation. This massage can prepare your body for labor in the weeks approaching your baby’s arrival. Includes head, hand and foot massage.

New Mommy Massage $80 ( 60 min.) $110 ( 90. Min.)

In the weeks after baby it can be hard to find a moment for yourself. This massage will promote your body’s healing after the birth of your child. Be good to yourself, so that you may be good to others. Includes head, hand and foot massage.


Designed to help promote the skin’s peak healthy
function. Includes detoxifying, nourishing massage techniques to
bring inner balance outward.

Glow on the Go
Skin feels refreshed in a matter of minutes for the day with cleaning
and hydration. 15 min $20

Health Maintenance Facial
Exfoliation and masques addressing skin concerns promote cell
renewal and nourishment. Include hot towels on the feet for body
balance. Extended timing for facial massage techniques and body balance
focus of the feet, hands and scalp. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $90,
90 min. $130

Body Treatments

Stress and inflammation affect the skin’s
ability to protect and renew itself. Create a healthy foundation for
recovery with focused attention to the body.

Salt Glow
Limbs are drizzled with mineral salts and heated oil to improve body
circulation and promote relaxation. 60 min $80

Back Rejuvenation
Exfoliation and massage of the back, customized to address skin
concerns. 60 min $80

Foot Reflexology
Designed to promote the healthy function of organ and skeletal
balance by activating points on the feet. 30 min. $45

Hand Focus
Hands and forearms can show stress; focus on relief from dryness
and exposure to the elements. 30 min. $45

Foot Focus
Energize the feet with a bath, exfoliation, massage and pressure
point activation. 30 min. $45

Neck and Decollete Focus
Personalized promote easier breathing, clear
congestion, calm irritated skin, repair or preserve skin
health. 30 min. $45

Scalp Focus
Heated oil is massaged into scalp to activate pressure points,
therapeutic hair brushing improves blood flow to the scalp and
helps to relieve stress and anxiety. 30 min. $45

Pressure Point Focus
Activation of acupressure points aids skin in recovering from
imbalance. Light in pressure, it works with the body’s Qi. 30 min. $45

Eye Focus
Promote the plumping and firming of the ocular region with
relaxing massage and acupressure point focus. 15 min. $30

Lip Repair Focus
Exfoliation, nourishment and hydration leave the lips feeling
balanced for the elements. 15 min. $30

Aroma Oil Session
An aroma of preference is incorporated into a massage of the neck,
arms and hands to promote stress relief. 15 min. $30

Hot Towel Session
Hot towels with aroma of preference are applied to face, neck, hands
and feet and misted for hydration. Feel refreshed head to toe. 15 min $25


Hair removal services include stress relief techniques
and skin care maintenance at the area of focus. Best practices are
used to reduce inflammation post-wax.

Lip or Chin 15 min $20

Brow 15 min $25

Neck 15 min $25

Hands or Feet 15 min $25

Underarms 30 min $40

Stomach 30 min $40

Shoulders 30 min $40

½ Legs 30 min $40

Face Wax (above neck) 45/60 min $50

Arms 45/60 min $50

Basic Bikini 45/60 min $50

Brazilian ($80)

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