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Therapeutic massage $90 (60 min.) $120 (90 min.)

Work with our skilled massage therapists to tailor this treatment to your needs. From full body to area-specific treatments, from deep pressure to light, we work with you to achieve the desired results.

Hot Stone Massage $120 (60 min.) $150 (90 min.)

This is a variation of classic massage. Smooth stones, usually basalt, are heated to a therapeutic temperature and then placed on pressure points of the body. The increased heat allows for increased circulation and aids in calming the nervous system. Relax and reconnect.

Organic Spa massage $100 (60 min.) $130 (90 min.)

Our premium massage treatment using organic massage and essential oils. Enjoy a hand and foot massage along with a full body massage to ease body tension and de-stress.

Abdominal Massage $45 (30 min.) $ 90 (60 min.) $120 (90 min.)

This massage treatment is great for improving digestion, easing menstrual irregularities, postpartum care and moving energy in your belly.

Fertility Abdominal Massage $60 (30 min.) $ 105 (60 min.) $135 (90 min.)

This treatment massage works to brings blood and nutrients to the reproductive organs. Our certified fertility massage therapists will also instruct you in at home self massage. Includes Castor Oil pack, custom essential oil blend, and pressure point foot massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage $45 (30 min.) $ 90 (60 min.) $120 (90 min.)

This gentle massage moves the fluid of the lymph to reduce swelling, treats edema and moves waste products out of the system. Wonderful for post operative recovery.

Mommy-to-be Massage $90 (60 min.) $120 (90 min.)

This massage is perfect in any stage of pregnancy. Eases sore back and hips, reduces discomfort caused by swelling and improves circulation. This massage can prepare your body for labor in the weeks approaching your baby’s arrival. Includes head, hand and foot massage.

New Mommy Massage $90 ( 60 min.) $120 ( 90. Min.)

In the weeks after baby it can be hard to find a moment for yourself. This massage will promote your body’s healing after the birth of your child. Be good to yourself, so that you may be good to others. Includes head, hand and foot massage.


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