Today I’m making some heirloom beans and lamb burgers for dinner. Heirloom beans (and other friuts and vegetables)are varietes that for whatever reason have fallen out of cultivation. This is usually due to lower yeilds, or a less than  perfect supermarket product in comparion to say, a conventional kidney bean. The payoff for trying these less common varieties is in the remarkably diverse flavor and texture. Who knew a bean could be so good? Even with all this beautiful spring weather it’s still cool enough to snuggle into a tasty bean.
Don’t know how to cook a dried bean? Here’s a link to a great 3 minute video that shows just how easy it is! Scoll down the page to the video that says ” When the vegetables are soft add the beans and cover with water by about 1 inch.” Added bonus is the kitchy mexican fiesta music in the background. Happy cooking!