The Public Health situation in Seattle in light of the COVID-19 virus is rapidly changing.  These are the measures we are taking to keep ourselves, our families and our patients safe.
1.) SOCIAL DISTANCING We ask that patients stay home if they feel ill.
2.) TELEMEDICINE We will be offering telemedicine visits for lifestyle and supplement recommendations. These can be booked with Dr. McNaughton (Primary Care), Dr. Derek ( Lifestyle and Herbs) Dr Aaron ( Functional Medicine) and Lindsey Lawson (Lifestyle, Herbs and Supplements.)   30 min $50, THIS IS A CASH ONLY SERVICE AND WILL NOT BE BILED TO INSURANCE.
2.) HAND WASHING We are asking all patients to wash their hands before entering the office.

3.) SCREENING We are asking everyone if they have fever, cough or shortness of breath. If patient reports these conditions, they will be asked to leave the office, self quarantine for 2 weeks and contact their primary care provider. It is the practitioners discretion if they are comfortable seeing someone with a runny nose or sneezing. Unfortunately, this is also corresponding with the middle of tree pollen season which will go on for another 4-6 weeks! Sneezing and runny nose are not symptoms of CORVID-19.
4.) OFFICE SANITIZATION  We are vigilantly washing surfaces with disinfectant multiple times throughout out the day. This includes door knobs, workspaces, face cradles, keyboards etc.We have removed our blankets as these are more difficult to clean. We do have extra sheets available to use as covers.
5.) IMMUNE BOOSTING SUPPLEMENTS While there is no treatment for CORVID-19 we are following advice of those who have been on the front lines in China and other parts of the world. There are numerous products that are useful in prevention and treatment of mild cases. We have been stocking up on these supplies. We are also making in house elderberry syrup (we have sold of of the first batch.) Soon we will have a mushroom decoction and a loose Chinese herbal formula that China has been using for prevention.