Acupuncture Testimonials

I have been coming to Glow for over a year now and it’s been a great experience. A friend recommended that I see some of the acupuncturists and since then have fallen in love with it. I also go here for naturopathic medicine. All of my doctors are attentive and genuine. Its nice to be able to see different doctors in one convenient location and I truly feel they all have my best interest at heart.

B.P. Seattle

I have had chronic pain in my upper back, and decided to try something new. I was previously hesitant, since I wasn’t really sure about acupuncture. After a little bit of research, I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is, wow. What an incredible treatment. The “needle” thing only took a second to get past, once I realized that he had put several in without me even feeling the penetration. I put “needle” in quotes, because they are so small, and not what I would typically associate with the idea of a needle in a doctor’s office. Overall, it was an incredibly rejuvenating experience, and left me feeling renewed and painless.

B.W. Seattle

At first I thought Glow was a little bit out of my way (I work downtown and live in QA), but after going there for my first visit, I realized that the VERY slight inconvenience of having to transfer (only on my way home) is well worth it. Plus, Glow offers amazing hours for daytime job people. So I really have no excuse.

E.S. Seattle

The staff is wonderful, helpful and amazing. They have been very good to me since I switched over to them to have injuries from a car accident dealt with. I really appreciate their personal touches, and their personalized care. I would recommend this place to anyone!

E.A. Seattle

With previous acupuncture experiences, I was not confident in the practitioner’s style, demeanor, or professionalism. After one session at Glow, I was greatly impacted physically, emotionally. I would recommend Glow to anyone.

D.H. Seattle

I’ve been recently referred to Glow for acupuncture. I’ve been dealing with on going chronic wrist pain for over a year. I was eventually diagnosed me with carpal tunnel by my doctor. I started getting acupuncture and cold laser for the pain and within a couple of weeks I could really see the difference. My pain has greatly reduced and I’m very happy with the results.

G.P. Seattle

I started getting acupuncture for my reoccurring sciatica. I would get flare-ups in my low back that would make it difficult for me to walk. I’ve been getting acupuncture for a few months now and can honestly say that I see the difference. My flare-ups have decreased when I do get one I’m still able to go about my life. Acupuncture works!

A.S. Seattle

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. Over the years the pain has gotten worse to the point that my knees hurt all the time. It took a little while but the acupuncture really started working and now I can go most of the day pain free. It has been a great relief.

D.M. Bellevue

I was in a car accident and was in a tremendous amount of pain. I had whiplash in my neck and really bad headaches. I tried a number of different treatments and nothing seemed to help. A friend recommended acupuncture. I was a bit hesitant but decided to give it a shot since nothing else was helping. I noticed relief right after the first treatment and things continue to improve with every week.

T.M. Seattle

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