Carrying a deep respect and awe for the human body, September recognizes people as complex and made of many interconnectedSeptember Kruger, Massage Therapy Seattle systems. Understanding the ways it can be difficult to quiet the mind and greet the physical self, she hopes to cultivate a new sense of ease and bodily awareness for her clients. She has experienced the ways receiving bodywork can compliment one’s journey towards self acceptance and love, and hopes to share the beauty of that work with others.

Whether addressing longterm postural issues, aiding in injury recovery, or relieving soreness from daily life, her work is thorough and patient. She enjoys listening to muscle and connective tissue for a session that is calming, precise, and graceful. Using a combination of myofascial work, active release, swedish relaxation, and gua sha she leaves tissues softened and malleable.
September welcomes any clients seeking pain relief, restoration, or a more multi dimensional, embodied living.
She feels best when dancing, exploring gardens & parks, exercising, eating out, and laughing with friends.
WA LIC # 60847350