Shay is interested in the mind-body connection. She is fascinated by how mental and emotional stresses can manifest in the physical body and cause pain, illness and disease. Believing that healing happens when the nervous system is balanced and relaxed, Shay’s first goal is to induce relaxation by creating a safe environment and practicing with a grounded presence and focused intention.  This is grounded in skilled technique and knowledge of the body.

Shay Bellasea, Massage Therapist, West Seattle

Typical massage sessions with Shay are a blend of myofascial release and deep tissue. She employs other specialized techniques such as lymphatic facilitation, intraoral massage, and craniosacral as needed. She works slowly but methodically, listening and feeling for change as she goes. She takes a holistic approach with clients, focusing on health rather than individual aches and pains.  

As an active person, Shay has relied on bodywork for maintenance and repair to keep moving comfortably and efficiently. After a devastating injury, massage played a key role in her rehabilitation, both physically and mentally.  After experiencing the healing powers of human touch, she left behind a career in statistics to share her gift with others.

Shay graduated from DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in 2017. Soon after, she began training in Craniosacral Therapy, her passion.