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Mollie Wolf LMT Seattle

Mollie is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and as of September 1, 2021, she will require all patients that schedule with her to be fully vaccinated as well. Masks are still required in the office at all times. Thank you.

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At the foundation of my work is a deep trust in the goodness of all bodies and their ability to transform, heal, and find their own homeostasis. I honor the resilience of those impacted by oppression, with a particular welcome to queer and trans clients; disabled and chronically ill people; survivors of trauma; those whose bodies are culturally stigmatized; and those who have found themselves pushed to the margins of institutionalized medicine and care.

I approach bodywork with an awareness of the generational, interpersonal, emotional, and societal forces that can play a role in pain. My own experience with embodied practices — gymnastics as a young person and martial arts throughout my adult life — has taught me the value of working with the body to metabolize and integrate grief, trauma, acute injuries, and chronic pain.

I use a highly collaborative, client-centered approach, engaging with each individual from a place of grounded curiosity. I take great joy in the process of learning together and invite your full participation in every session. I studied at Discoverypoint School of Massage, where I built a toolbox that integrates myofascial listening, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular tools, lymphatic facilitation, and postural assessment. Here are a few things you can expect in a session with me:

— I will primarily focus on giving your body sensory input that allows it to unwind the fascial layers that wrap every structure of the body. I will work as deeply as your body is ready to invite me in, allowing for as much sensation as possible without pushing beyond what your body is asking for. As the body begins to unravel and create more space, I will often be able to work more deeply.
— I generally work dry, meaning I use little to no lotion, allowing me to connect into the fascia and support it to unravel more effectively.

— We will begin each session with a short conversation about what you are noticing in your body, co-creating a plan for the session together. We will conclude the session with a similar conversation, including what we each noticed and some ideas for supporting your body’s continued unwinding.

My intention is to work with your nervous system: your body sets the pace as you transform the patterns that no longer serve you, redefine your relationship to pain, connect more deeply with your own body, and find all the space you need to thrive. I would be honored to work with you.

WA LIC #61166173

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