Hello all!
I am a recent addition to the Glow team in the Laurelhurst location.
I’ve been avoiding doing detoxes for no good reason so when folks at Glow invited me to join them in on the fun I said “SIGN ME UP!”
I started my program this morning with most folks but I can’t say that, at lunch, I am feeling as… enthusiastic about doing this.  Some of you may know that I am originally from Colombia and others may have seen me with constant source of caffeine dripping into my blood stream; what I like to call my “culturally inherited IV” : coffee!
Giving up coffee may be the hardest part for some of you out there so I take pleasure in the thought that I am not alone (insert awful evil smile). HANG IN THERE FOLKS! WE CAN DO IT!
I am enjoying teas and just warm water to help the psychological aspect of my addiction. Hope all you are doing the same!
Here’s to kicking it!
-Raul Tello, D.C.