Satya finds immense joy and purpose in supporting the wellness of her clients.Her style has been described as highly intuitive, adaptive and often very specific. Her work is soothing and has been known to elicit peaceful little snores. As she will assure you, those snores are precious and never unwelcome.

Some key elements of her style of treatment include:

Intuitive touch

Firm to Deep pressure

Specific work to treat pain and injury

Fascial integration

Fertility and women’s health issues. She has additional training in certified fertility massage.

Ability to Identify, discuss and treat unsuspected areas that may be impacting the chief complaint

As a somewhat fledgling shamanic practitioner, Satya sees and is drawn to the potential to further aid her clients by integrating elements of that practice when requested. She continues to deepen her understanding of core shamanism as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. To learn more about core shamanism and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, visit

In order to facilitate wellness for all team members and clients, Satya requests that those with communicable illness such as cold or flu notify the clinic and reschedule to receive massage when they are well and no longer contagious. This consideration is highly appreciated.