Eating for health

Often our system gets stuck in the status quo.  We may not even see how much the foods we are eating and our habits are impacting our health. Our programs are an opportunity to start fresh and make changes for long term better health. Start a health promoting, food and supplement based cleanse today. Book and appointment today and choose from:

We carry a large selection of products including:

  •  Men’s and women’s multi-vitamins, and fish oils.
  •  Liquid B vitamins, Western herbs, and calcium/magnesium.
  • High quality and effective selection of supplements for detoxification. Ask about Mediclear, a protein supplement which reduces inflammation and soothes the liver.
  • Therapeutic oils and creams
  • Neck and lumbar pillows
  • Braces and ice packs
  • Salt lamps
  • Bath salts

Chinese Dispensary We carry pills, tinctures (liquid herbs), granules, pain-relieving oils and liniments. The newest addition to our dispensary is our granulated (powdered) Chinese herbs. We use these herbs to create individualized formulas based on your condition. We recommend you see an acupuncturist for any Chinese herbs to ensure you receive the proper formula.

About Chinese Herbs Chinese herbs have a rich tradition in Oriental Medicine and have been used for over 3,000 years. While Western herbs and drugs are often given individually, Chinese herbs are almost always given in combination. This ensures that there are few side effects from the formulas, and that the entire body is treated rather than just the symptom. Formulas are usually set up so that 1-3 herbs provide the main function of the formula, 1-3 more serve secondary functions, and 1-2 herbs guide the formula to the part of the body in need, and alleviate any toxicity. Formulas are also almost never given generically for a condition. For instance, there isn’t one main formula that is always given for irritable bowel syndrome. A base formula will be modified for the individual — some herbs taken away and some added based on a diagnosis given by the practitioner.