Meet with us virtually for the same intake we would do in office. We will ask you questions about your signs and symptoms. We then give you an assessment based on your Chinese Medical diagnosis and your treatment is based on that. Chinese Medicine is unique because we have many options for offering effective treatments. Historically, doctors would often not touch patients and complex tools were developed for diagnosis and treatment from afar. We have designed these programs based on these ancient tools and updated them for the modern age

We offer weekly video meetings with individualized point prescriptions and at home therapies. Our programs use Tongue and Facial Diagnosis, Acupressure and Auricular (a microsystem on the ear) Acupressure, Elemental Detox and Nourish Plan, as well as the treatments listed below.

Telemedicine Essentials including Ear Seeds, Magnets, Yoga Tune Up Balls, Supplements etc., are available for in store pick up, or from our Online Store.

This service is billable to your insurance if you have acupuncture covered in office.

We have worked hard to create the following powerful and effective Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Telemedicine treatment programs for:

  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Labor Preparation
  • Postpartum Support
  • Immunity
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • General health


Treatments include:

Acupressure. Let us guide you through a custom Acupressure plan based on your symptoms, and tongue. Any of the following may be included in your treatment:

Acupressure Magnets. Full body, customized acupressure magnet protocols.

Ear Seed and Ear Ball Acupressure. This system of acupuncture is separate from the channel systems with which most people are familiar. It allows us to give a full body treatment through the ear alone. We will send you charts and guide you in the use of ear seeds and ear balls for acupressure. This is very effective in treating pain, stress and addiction.

Moxibustion. Did you know we already sell at home Moxa Packs? This traditional warming therapy is very useful for building overall health, digestion, immunity, fertility, pregnancy and post-partum issues. We also offer stick-on moxa, which is incredibly relaxing and effective

Tongue Diagnosis. We will use your tongue to correctly assess the pattern inside your body. This is very effective for prescribing herbs and supplements as well as choosing acupressure combinations.

Herbs and Supplements. We offer pick up for herbs and supplements either in office, through our outside drop box or direct shipping.

Gua Sha and Cupping. We will educate and guide you in using these effective treatments at home.

Elemental Detox Program and Nourish Plan, Recipes and diet suggestions. Food Therapy is a critical factor in Chinese Medicine. Our diet plans are tailored to you and designed to support your wellness goals.

Online Library and Treatment Recommendations. We provide extensive digital resources in our treatments, including:

  • Lifestyle Recommendations: Castor Oil packs, Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Qi Gong, Foam Rolling, Instruction in Self Massage.

“I am so thankful for my Telehealth treatments! The magnets have helped my back pain so much. The pain went away the day I out them on!!” Sara, Seattle