Glow Roots and Bloom

Multi-Use Tonic Bags – $10

Teas, broths, cocktails, baths and soaks. These herbs do it all. Instructions for use on bag.

Available for in store pick up. Shipping for orders of $40 or more.

Fertility Tonic label

Our best seller.

Artemisia Tonic Label

We love this tonic as a foot soak, but is can also be used in baths and taken as a tea.
Nourishes and moves the blood.

Liver Tonic Label

A lightly minty blend that mixes dandelion and nettle with traditional Chinese herbs for liver function. We like this tea as a daily drink.

Replenishing Tonic Label

Our premier soup tonic. Add these herbs to a hearty beef or mushroom stew to add delicious strengthening properties.

Happy Belly Tonic Label

Mild and slightly sour with hints of mint.

Jujube Tonic Label

These Chinese red dates are not really dates at all, but a fruit similar to an apple or pear. Popular with kids and adults alike. Sweet and tasty they are great cooked in soups and congee.

Immune Tonic label

A popular beverage in Asia, Chrysanthemum symbolizes long life.
Goji berries are taken as blood tonic.

Five Flower Tisane Label

This tea is a beautiful as it is tasty and calming. Hibiscus lends a deep pink color and tart pleasing flavor. Calms the spirit and moves the qi.

Congees  $13

 Traditional, delicious anytime meals to promote health. They fix what ails ya. 2-3 servings

Perfect topped with chicken or egg, sautéed greens and toasted sesame oil.

We love this one with coconut milk, honey and bananas. Or go rogue, use beef stock instead of water and serve with a lamb shank.

Coix seed congee label

Simple. Can be added to soups or eaten alone with a little salt or sugar.

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Telemedicine Essentials

We love these magnets for our Chinese Medicine session. Also available in office.

These ear seeds are used in our Chinese Medicine Telemedicine Session.

Stick on moxa for Chinese Medicine Telemedicine.

Jade Gua Sha Tool for Chinese Medicine Telemedicine

Rose Quartx Gua Sha Tool for Chinese Medicine

Chili Plasters

Shoyeido Incense, Moss Gargen. For use with Stick on Moxa

Acupuncture Press Tacks

Cups for Chinese medical Cupping


Laser for home use

TENS unit for use with Chinese Medicine Telemedicine

Western Supplements

Thorne Prenatal

Thorne Vitamin D

Thorne Methyl Guard

Thorne MethylFolate

Pure Encapsulations Cortisol Calm

Pure Encapsulations EPA/ DHA Essentials

Progressive Labs Gluatamine

Host Defense CordyChi

Host Defense ChordyChi Extract

Other Products

Yoga Tune Up Balls with Tote

Yoga Tune Up Coregeous Ball

Tune Up Fitness Stretch Strap

Tune Up Fitness Set of Various Ball Sizes and Colors

High Density Foam Roller