By Tina Michalski MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist

There are many forces at work in the world that are completely beyond our control and others
that we sometimes think are beyond our control, but really are not.
How we perceive things can greatly influence our circumstances. Our beliefs about our own
capabilities, our world view and the forces at work and play within it all affect what we will find
Loss of control over our daily living, as-we-have-known-it, overwhelms us with feelings of fear
and insecurity. We feel helpless, vulnerable and depressed. We worry; we get angry.
Finding and maintaining balance, as best we can, in the eye of the storms of life, including the
current coronavirus outbreak, is my goal-for myself, my family and friends, and all of our
patients here at Glow.
What can this viral outbreak teach us about living, healing and growing in an ever-changing
world; how we view the world and ourselves in it?
Learning to work with a new awareness with our bodies and thoughts involves a regular,
disciplined practice of moment-to-moment awareness. This is the essence of mindfulness.
When we pay attention in the present moment, we learn to calm down, which nourishes and
restores our body and mind. If you need more, if you need someone to listen and provide support I am offering in person and  Telemedicine visits for Psychotherapy.