By Dr. Rachel Erikson

5 things you can do to beat the winter blues

1. Get out and walk every sunny day. Really they’re not that few and far between

2. Watch funny movies

3. Cardio wherever whenever

4. Sex it up

5. Have your vitamin D checked by your Primary care provider and supplement if needed.

5 things you can do to fight off the holiday pounds

1. Eat 5 smaller meals instead of one giant  feast

2. Skip or skimp on the dressings, gravies, butter and cream

3. Eat smaller portions of dessert, even if it means you take 3rds.

4. Don’t drink your calories.

5. Do drink plenty of water. Those sugar cravings are often relieved by hydrating!

5 things you can do when you start feeling like you’re getting the flu

1. Herbalize yourself- Echinacea, Gan mao ling, And many others can be your best friends!

2. Up the Vitamin A

3. Up the Vitamin D

4. Sweat it out

5. Skip the sugar