At home methods of self care can be huge in preventing illness in the future. We are big fans of simple daily, weekly or monthly habits which stimulate the body toward better health.

Dry Brushing is a traditional practice found in many cultures that is often recommended by Naturopaths to stimulate the “Vis” or life force. The skin is a major organ that functions as protection and is the largest organ of elimination. Dry Brushing stimulates the skin to optimize it’s functioning. We recommend this as part of our Elemental Cleanse. to increase your body’s processing of waste products and to increase circualtion.  I personally love this practice in the Winter when skin can become dry and lusterless.

You will need a stiff, natural fiber brush with along handle to reach your back. Short brush strokes starting at the extremities and working toward the heart. Start with the front and finish with your torso and back. Finish with a hot shower.

How does Dry Brushing work?

  • Removes old, dead cells which block the pores of the skin, allowing the skin to breathe easier and increasing its ability to protect and eliminate the waste products of metabolism.
  • Increases circulation of the blood and lymph vessels close to the skin. Waste products are then eliminated more effectively. Blood and fluids are returned to the heart for oxygenation.
  • Increases the nutrients to the skin. By clearing out stagnant materials, there is increase oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, and other nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc., are also brought to the area.
  • Removal of waste products of cellular metabolism through the blood vessels and through sweating.
  • Decreases the workload on the rest of the body in regard to circulation and elimination.
  • Warms the skin

Done daily this practice invigorates and energizes. Perfect for our dark, damp winters!