Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) calls the modern day viruses and bacterial infections “external Pathogens.”This medicine treats not by treating the flu itself, but by maintaining a healthy and strong Immune system, or strong “Wei Qi.”When we have strong Wei Qi the external pathogen cannot invade the body. TCM will therefore see and treat an infection as a result of a compromised immune system or weak “Wei Qi”.
Try these steps is you are getting a cold or the flu:
1.)When stress, poor sleep or chronic conditions wear us down and all best efforts to maintaining strong Wei Qi fail, we want to combat the invasion quickly. First and foremost a healthy diet and good sleep are best line of defense. Try eating chicken soup or a light onion soup for an immune boost.
2.)Herbs and essential oils with diaphoretic  properties are also great choices. Herbal remedies can promote sweating, open the pores and allow the pathogen to be released back out to the exterior. Other herbs have Antibiotic, Antiviral, Temperature lowering, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory properties.
A Chinese herbal formula that is commonly used in this case is called Yin Qiao San.  This formula is perfect as a preventative remedy. Much stronger than Echinacea it can be taken after you were exposed to “the bug” or once you start having symptoms such as sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and/or fever.
2.) If the bug wasn’t caught in time and you start feeling worse with more symptom it is now a good time to see your Acupuncturist who can help you with headaches, clogged sinuses, sore throat and many more symptoms that make this infection so miserable to deal with.
Acupuncture and herbs are given at each stage of your cold or flu from the earliest slight fever to a lingering cough. Each treatment and herbal  formula is customized to your specific symptoms.
Be aware that there is a difference between the common cold and the flu. In either case neither is treated with Antibiotics. Only bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics and those can be a result of the virus in your body if things progress. Trust your health care provider to figure out the difference and do not ASK for Antibiotics.
Here is some good info from the CDC website.
Here is another source that is comprehensive:
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